Want to be a language buddy?

We a looking for someone who speeks spanish, polish, portuguese, italian or french

Aldersgruppe: 25 til 35 år

Do you want to become a language buddy? We are looking for someone that we can connect with a 30 year old man who would love to have a language buddy, preferably a man between 25-35 years, who speaks spanish, polish, portuguese, italian or french. Let him present himself:

Hi! I am 30 years old and i have mild autism and adhd and i work well, like languages and in that regard i would like to get myself a language friend who can volunteer either in spanish or italian of the same gender and age from 26 to and by 31 years. I work in a hotel every day. Both as a help desk and as a breakfast host. I also like traveling abroad. I am a nice, gentle and polite person who likes language which is my big dream and has previously taken courses in both Spanish Italian and Dutch and a little German.

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